At the Drillock Law Firm you get treated like a person, not a number.


From Accidents to Wills, we handle it all with a small town friendly face and attitude. Click to visit our list of services.

Our friendly and professional staff is composed of experts in their field.


We have a friendly staff to help you with all your needs. Click to meet our staff and view their contact information..

30 years of trial experience!

Yes, 30 plus years of trial experience means we don't settle for any offer like the firms you see on TV. You can be sure we will get you your fair recovery!

No fee if there is no recovery!

No matter what some TV adds would suggest you to believe, there is never a fee when there is no recovery. The fee is part of the recovery; How can anyone have a fee if there is no recovery? Answer: They don't.

Here to help you is the Drillock Law Firm staff

Meet the friendly staff at the Drillock Law Firm.

Donnieta Benoit


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Trisha Schoen


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